Three Dutch growers of various crops need more soil of good quality. Their experience is that good soil management results in higher yields and often better product quality. An important aspect of good soil management is crop rotation. Individual Investment into cultivated land does however increase the financial burden of each company. How can three growers increase the amount of good soil without becoming owner of the soil?

Fresh, Food & Factory has to find strategic cooperation forms, with the aim of increasing the aggregated acreage good soil, without becoming owner.
A cooperation form which has to be sustainable, does justice to the current division in ownership of cultivated land, with a fair crop rotation schedule for all growers involved which is also financially interesting for third parties.

Fresh, Food & Factory writes a business plan for Top Soil BV having in the meantime four shareholders. It is Top Soil’s plan and ambition to extend in the coming years the current acreage of 70 hectares to 500 hectares.